Campion  Health Center

Our Mission Statement

Campion Health Center serves the infirmed and elder members of the Society of Jesus by encouraging God’s gifts to flourish in every aspect of life: Spiritual, Physical, Psycho-social, Creative and Communal in the Ignatian quest of finding God in all things and all things in God.

The Mission Statement is Demonstrated By: Care partners promote the Mission through their efforts to seek excellence in performance of their areas of specialization and through their demonstrated attitudes of respect, care and compassion in their interactions with residents and in their team-oriented approach with one another.

The Jesuits seek to embody for one another and for their care partners the deepest desire of the human heart, union with God, and by their patience and gratitude to show that “they accept the sickness as a gift from the hand of our Creator and Lord, since it is a gift no less than is health”. [Constitution 272]